What is this charge?

If you have a monthly charge from the Patriot Authority for $39.95, you have access to our monthly membership, you may have signed up after buying one of our great pieces of information and were looking to be informed.

What is The Patriot Authority Society?

A private membership association: The Patriot Authority Society. This is a monthly recurring membership to an online community that includes, ongoing video training, email support, special reports, and digital access to ebooks. 

What’s included with your monthly membership access to the Patriot Authority Society?

The Patriot Authority Society (P.A.S.) is the Ultimate Disaster Preparedness, Privacy and Security Resource in the World. Because there is no FREE PAS when it comes to survival. With over 150 training manuals, videos, podcasts and resources you’ll discover everything from how to treat a broken limb in the bush to how to keep the NSA from listening to your phone calls: how to build a bunker in your backyard, the right type of firearms for home defense to how to avoid getting caught in a riot, what to pack in your car for emergencies to how much food you need to stockpile in your home. There are so many resources in the Patriot Authority Society it would take pages to describe them all. This is the ultimate resource for American Patriots, we recommend accessing the Patriot Authority Society every single day to ensure the safety of your own family, no matter what the future may bring…

We will bill you every 30 days and if you ever want to cancel call 1 (240) 895-9747 or email us: [email protected]